My studio practice usually begins with me trying to decipher the visual grammar of materials. This visual interest, as well as the tactile interest of material, makes my work more sculptural leaning. However, recently, I am interested in moving between the 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional optical illusion of space and pattern.

With my materials I am investigating the human psyche and our perception of reality, using emotive cues of fantasy and humor. I want to bring contradicting emotions of desire and avoidance, visuals that are familiar and unfamiliar to curate a very specific sensory space.

These concepts are often reflected in bizarre and sometimes humorously awkward arrangements. I feel that my objects, paintings, and installations fall in-between what we know and do not know. They can seem distorted and perhaps simplified visual worlds, but my goal is to have a new and longer introspective look at something we see every day.

You can download my CV here: resume