This body of work stems from a series of “mind blanking” episodes I had while doing daily or mundane task. The “mind blanking” would accompany an intense focus and awareness of what was around me. I would then document these moments with my phone, which turned into paintings and then sculptures. I have always had an interest in the transition of 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional spaces. My subjects are simplified domestic objects that have been distorted into new visual arrangments.

  • Island

    The painting is the view looking down at soap while in the shower. I was entranced by the color and formal elements and took a picture. It was a quiet and contemplative moment alone.

  • Clutter

    This is a sculpture with a painting extruding from a found door. The painting is the view from my daughters room looking out into the hall. She was just born and we were moving things around in our house. I saw this view for many weeks maybe even months while nursing. Items stayed in the hall for a long time.

  • Clutter


  • Birthday Bird

    I carved the bird for my daughter. I bought the toy chest for my daughter. My husband grew up with a 'birthday bird', a paper mache bird that was put out on birthdays. I feel guilty about this as I cannot seem separate my practice from my life.

  • Vogel_BirthdayBirdDetail

  • Garden Lines

    View through my broken fence.

  • Power Washer

    Bill power washed designs into our backyard cement for my daughters first birthday party.